White Tee with Off-White

Sometimes it feels good to be basic. And basic doesn’t have to mean boring at all…

A white tee is a closet staple that every woman owns and I could seriously wear mine every single day. It is the perfect complement to prevent from looking over the top. It offers endless styling possibilities and is the most versatile piece I can think of. While I used to buy medium to low priced tees, thinking it is not worth spending much more on something so basic, I have finally realized that you should always splurge on things you love and can wear any day, for any occasion in any season.

As I already mentioned before, a basic tee can always prevent from looking over the top. It can act as an anchor to fashion-forward pieces. In today’s outfit my new tee isn’t only the anchor, but main actor at the same time.

My look in detail

I found my new Off-White T-shirt via Farfetch and I’ve already been constantly wearing it from day to night. I love the quality, its oversized and boxy fit and the cool lettering on the back. According to my other blogposts and Instagram feed, I do have a thing for outfits with clean lines, clear structures and neutral colours. I decided to go for my black SET leather pants. They are the most comfy pants in my closet and instantly add a certain edge to any kind of look. I rolled up the sleeves of the shirt and knotted the front for some extra coolness.

I always go for heels over casual sneakers when I feel too casual. They instantly upgrade the outfit and add the missing bit of femininity to the look. I can wear my white tee for morning coffee dates, lunchtime meetings and late nicht dinner parties. I guess I should take it off when I go to bed though

Never underestimate the versatility of a white tee.

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