Vinyl Pants and a Pop of Red

After last season, vinyl pants are the new hot pants in everyone’s closet. They have a more rock’n’roll attitude than the typical leather pants and are way more sexier and edgy.

Combining 3 eye-catchers

Vinyl pants aren’t easy to wear at all. If you pick the wrong style and shape they can really show your curves and legs very clearly. You can’t hide anything. Vinyl pants definitely work as statement pants. You don’t need to add much more than a basic tee or pullover to your outfit to create an interesting and fashionable look.

Instead of choosing a basic and simple jumper, I went for this SET knit with a special twist and added my new red Zara booties. Even though red is a very dominant colour and an eye-catcher itself, it perfectly works with my vinyl pants.

The playful lip detail on the jumper dresses the whole look down. I tried to balance the rather tight fit of the pants with an easy pullover. I went for a bigger size than I normally wear to create a comfortable and cozy look. It has a casual cut and oversized shoulders. I really like the cuffs with the contrasting narrow border in red.  I love to play with textures. The high quality cashmere and wool blend sympathizes with the shiny black vinyl finish. The trousers are super comfortable and I love the cropped ankle and the straight-leg fit.


Have you found your perfect vinyl pants yet?

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