Vinyl Coat

The badass look is here. Vinyl is trending and is clearly unavoidable. You see it anywhere from runway shows to low budget boutiques. I got my vinyl coat at Mango last season and only wore it once when traveling to New York. Last week I decided to clean out my whole closet and this beauty fell into my arms again. Vinyl is always an easy way to make a powerful statement. You can keep the rest of your look super easy and simple. You don’t need to add anything crazy to create an outstanding outfit. The glossy plastic itself is a magnificent eye-catcher and will draw a lot of attention anyway. I always like to pair vinyl with contrasting fabrics and light denim to soften the look. The little ruffles on my collar add femininity to my outfit. I love the combination of the light blue and the shiny black. I’m totally obsessed with my GUCCI belt bag. I never thought she would ever play such a huge part in my everyday outfits.

“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic”.


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