Tomboy Look: Track Pants

The athleisure look is nothing new, but track pants are definitely still one of the most fashionable items you can wear lately. They perfectly work with heels for a fashion-forward business look and are ideal for a cozy off-duty outfit

I normally love to rock my track pants with a casual white blouse and pointy heels or sock boots. Whenever I wear sporty pants, I always  try to find feminine pieces to complete the look. Plus: I don’t want to look as though I’m going to the gym. Sweatshirts and T-shirts are therefore a no-go when I wear track pants. I prefer blazers, blouses or silk tops. A simple white button-down shirt is a classic piece of fashion that always adds a sophisticated and feminine touch. I like to mix different kind of styles and wouldn’t feel comfortable in a sporty look from head to toe.

With today’s outfit I’m kind of leaving my comfort zone. I decided to try a tomboy inspired style. Instead of choosing girly pieces and feminine accessories, I went for a sporty black cap, a wide man’s shirt and a casual bomber jacket.

The key to pulling off the look, is to add a simple touch of femininity by choosing slightly pointed sock boots, instead of sneakers or boots.

The checked bomber jacket instantly adds a touch of class to my rather simple and basic look. It encircles just the right amount of streetwear and tomboy, with a touch of sophistication.

Jacket: MAJE (get it here)

Track Pants ZARA (get similar ones here)

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