The Orange Suit x Homeboy

Anzeige/AD: Suit it up with a colorful two-piece. I never thought I would wear that much colour in one single outfit. But: when I saw that orange suit I couldn’t resist and had to get it immediately. 

I love clothes that tell a story and arouse interest. Even if we don’t think of specific things directly, we do instinctively have certain thoughts or memories in our minds. Suits have always had an exciting history and have experienced a great evolution. The first thing that comes into my mind: Coco Chanel. She definitely was the most influential fashion designer of all time and the first designer ever who borrowed elements from menswear for women’s attire. She revolutionized women’s fashion and was the first to create an iconic suit for women.

I have developed an extreme weakness for suits of all kinds lately. They are definitely a great case for modern power dressing.

Make a Statement

Over the last couple of seasons, especially after the election in the US, political activism was a huge thing among designers and influencers. We’ve seen statements about social and political issues everywhere. The slogan shirt and showy power suits have never been more present for women to help reclaiming their power in today’s society.

Sometimes I love to make a statement, too. I recently found this cool suit at Zara and directly had an outfit in my mind. While I like to wear suits with lace bras and heels in the evening, I prefer to go for a rather casual version during daytime. I decided to play it down and added cool streetwear items to my look.

Homeboy – Streetwear since 1988

Didn’t we or our brothers all have something from Homeboy in our wardrobes? In the 90s Homeboy shaped and influenced streetwear in Germany like no other brand ever before. The German brand managed to make the leap from a pure skateboard label to one of the first streetwear brands worldwide. With the huge 90s revival in the fashion industry lately, Homeboy is also back again. The brand has evolved over the years and has experienced a more modern and contemporary makeover. Its casual vibes however have not changed at all.

My favourite Homeboy items

You know, how much I love my Gucci belt bag. I could wear it everyday. This time though I decided to go for this super sporty Homeboy bag. I love how the conservative suit stands in contrast with the snazzy belt bag. I added a black hooded sweater with a cool old school print on the bag to pick up on the sporty elements again and create an interesting look. I really like the way business meets streetwear in my outfit.

Orange suit: Zara ( get it here )

Beltbag: Homeboy ( get it here )

Hoodie: Homeboy ( get a similar one here )

AD: Visit the Homboy online shop to get inspired.

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