The Just Female dress

Do you know that feeling when you see something and you immediately know that it’s exactly the thing you’ve been looking for in your mind? This happened to me with this beautiful Just Female dress a couple of weeks ago at Stylealbum, a super cool Concept Store in Düsseldorf.

It is always the same when I travel. I NEED new outfits before I leave and everything has to happen last minute.

Even though I have developed my own personal style over the last couple of years, I always find myself slipping into different roles and looks, according to where I’m traveling to. To me, the perfect styling for Marrakech means: turbans, kaftans, midi and maxi dresses, mules, silk scarfs, flowing tops and harem pants, natural hair and make-up.

The perfect Marrakech styling

My daily outfit has to be comfy and loose, yet chic and fashionable. I love to go monochrome to fit in with my environment. A monochrome and simple look is perfect for the colourful and loud city of Marrakech as well as for the quiet and monotonous vibes of the desert.

In Düsseldorf I don’t wear dresses that often. I definitely prefer trousers or skirts. This Just Female dress though was my best travel companion during my trip to Morocco. I love it’s simple colour combination, it’s wide and flowing fit, yet classical look. The high leg slits and the deep neckline are ideal for the hot temperatures.  Perfect for the unbelievable heat in the desert and extremely comfortable for an afternoon stroll in the city.

Thank you Stylealbum for my beautiful new dress!

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