Denim Wrap Jacket

I always like wearing blazers, as you can see in my previous posts here and here. I never felt like wearing a typical kimono, because I always thought it didn’t suit me very well and looked too feminine on me. Last week I found this super cool denim wrap jacket at H&M and immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately you can’t find it online yet, but it’s new in stores. Denim Wrap Jacket

Denim on Denim with Maje

Should or shouldn’t you wear denim on denim?

Double denim is a rather tricky thing. You can easily go wrong with it, but when done correctly, it looks absolutely amazing. I’m a huge supporter of the denim on denim look. Yet, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when pairing denim with denim. Denim on Denim with Maje