My Stay at Scarabeo Camp

 ‘An unusual encampment in an exceptional setting’

Have you ever been clamping? Scarabeo Camp is a beautiful and very luxurious campsite situated in the Agafay dessert. The stone desert camp is about an hour away from Marrakech and super easy to get to.

I stayed there for 24hours in July and it definitely was one of the best experiences of my life. The perfect start into a nice and relaxed vacation. Everything was so well organized and planned, we didn’t have to worry about anything. We got to the camp with an arranged transport that picked us up at our hotel in Marrakech.

A Photographer’s Dream Come True

At the camp we were greeted by the staff with some fresh mint tea and moroccan pastries. The service was excellent. They were ever so friendly and professional. Everybody spoke fluently French but also a very good English. The absolute quiet of the Agafay dessert was amazing. At the beginning it felt a little weird to absolutely not hear anything. It felt as though your ears were blocked up. Not a single noise of a car, a bird or the wind. Just pure silence and heat, unbelievable heat. It was so peaceful and the view of the Atlas mountain was out of this world. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. A photographer’s dream come true. It felt as being in a movie, a long time ago. On an expedition in the desert. Everything was decorated in an oriental inspired way with a touch of a vintage safari style. Detailing on point!

The camp has 7 standard tents, 6 suite tents and lounging tents to relax in. We booked a suite tent. It was huge and tastefully decorated. Each tent has it’s own bathroom with a toilet and shower. Our tent had two nice and very comfortable sitting areas, a desk, a big and super cozy bed with proper bedding and fresh white sheets and a private little terrace outside. The whole tent was layed out with original beni ourain carpets. Super comfortable and luxurious. I guess that was the reason I bought my own rug in Marrakech two days later.

in the evening Scarabeo Camp is the most romantic place you can think of. The whole campsite is enlightened with torches and candles. Not to forget to mention the stars in the jet-black sky. On moonless nights, Scarabeo Camp is beyond perfect for stargazing.

What To Wear?

I have to admit, it was such a struggle deciding what to take to the camp, because I didn’t know what to expect at all. Do I have to wear boots or sneakers or can I wear sandals and flats? How hot is it going to be? Do I have to cover myself up or can I show my legs and arms? In the end, I took way too much and ended up not even wearing half of it. You can wear anything at the camp, as long as it keeps you cool and protects you from the super intense sun. My favourite outfit throughout my stay was this all white look. I loved the loos fit of these white linen pants and the easy cotton blouse. The light colour and the relaxing fit, made me survive the unbelievable heat in the dessert.

What To Do At The Camp

There isn’t much to do at the camp actually, but that is exactly what it’s all about. You can rest in the shade all day ( it’s way too hot in the sun), go for a little walk, book a camel ride or enjoy a buggy tour. One thing that should definitely be on your list: getting up in the morning to see the unbelievable sunrise.

We decided to go for a 3 hour buggy tour to see more of the desert. It was unbelievable to actually see and experience the diversity in the desert. Although the desert seems to be barren place, it supports fragile ecosystems.

It was such a memorable stay at Scarabeo Camp. Perfect to calm down and recharge batteries. Your phone and internet work, but very slowly. Make sure to carry a power bank and extra battery packs for your camera with you, since there is no electricity at all.

I really appreciated the kindness of the whole staff throughout the stay and enjoyed a wonderful time. Thank you Scarabeo Camp for this unforgettable camping experience!

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