My Marrakech experience

My trip to Marrakech definitely was one of the most memorable experiences ever. I guess the most pleasant time to travel to Morocco is in spring or autumn, when the days are sunny, but actually not too hot. I travelled in July and I have to admit that I underestimated the extreme summer heat. I normally get on very well with hot days, but when temperatures hit 47°C, you can only rest in the shade.

Where Modern Meets Tradition

To me, Marrakech is the is the perfect mix of a modern, exciting adventure and an interesting history. It is a super versatile and vibrant city and the Moroccans are extremely hospitable.

Although Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most liberal cities, I do recommend to dress in an appropriate way. You don’t want to affront people’s religious beliefs. Whereas at your hotel, you can wear whatever you like.

The Medina is the old city of Marrakech. You can walk down the small souks, surrounded by high walls and experience the true local culture. Be careful and watch out for donkeys and motorcycles. Cars are not allowed in, but motorcycles take the small roads at full speed.

Good bargaining is expected in the souks. No matter what price the sellers tell you, try to counter with half of what you are willing to pay and then try to find an acceptable price from there. The people in the souks love to talk to foreigners. They are all super hospitable and love offering traditional Moroccan tea and pastries to you. They like to show you around and explain their interesting work to you. Make sure to always carry some change in your pocket, since everybody expects a tip.

The Souks- A Magical World

The souks are open 7 days a week from morning to evening. I really enjoyed going there in the early morning. I liked the whole atmosphere of getting ready and prepared for a long working day. They sell handmade Moroccan baskets, leather shoes and bags, exotic spices and beautiful traditional silver ware. Small temptations in every corner. I could have bought everything!!

As much as I enjoyed seeing the souks in the morning, I loved visiting Djemaa el Fna, a big square located in the heart of the city., in the evening. Scents, sights, colors, sounds and noise, a lot of stands selling food, fresh fruit, spices, juices, water and all sorts of clothes and handcrafts. Locals go there to buy their daily food, tourists travel there for the full oriental experience. In the evening the whole square awakens and transforms into a huge stage for entertainers, live music and acrobats. A magical world with things to explore in every corner. Make sure to protect your personal belongings and be aware of pick pockets. Trust me and never open your wallet in public!

Carpets Everywhere

Besides the souk markets you should also visit the cute little shops and boutiques along the side streets and in the backyards. Try to take smaller paths and side streets to find those places only natives normally go to We were super lucky and somehow landed directly in Omars arms at his beautiful and huge berber rugs shop Les Nomades de Marrakech. I’ve never seen such an unbelievable place before. Carpets everywhere! Omar, the owner of the place and his workers gave us such a warm welcome. We had traditional tee and talked and laughed a lot. Omar is such a professional business man and kind person at the same time. We found our very own berber carpet there and we’re super happy to take it back home to Germany. Les Nomades offers shipping all over the world or arranges the transport of your new carpet to your hotel.

Thank you Omar, for my perfect carpet!


Where To Eat

Le Jardin is a hidden garden right in the heart of the Medina and the perfect lunch spot on a hot day. You enter the restaurant through a small and unassuming door and end up in a tiny vegetable shop which leads into the beautiful 60s inspired garden. The tall banana trees provide shade for the tables and are perfect to escape the heat. Le Jardin serves traditional Moroccan meals, as well as european cuisine, fresh smoothies and delicious juices. It’s the perfect lunch spot. My personal highlight: Turtles everywhere!

You can’t travel to Marrakech without visiting Norya Ayron in her cute little boutique right above Le Jardin. I’ve seen her beautiful designs on various Instagram profiles before and always wanted to try her handmade kaftans and kimonos. Even though she uses a choice of high end materials, the price is extremely reasonable. Norya mixes traditional Moroccan craftsmanship with a modern vision of French, Moroccan and Algerian cultures. All her creations are limited editions with an elegant, yet very comfortable touch. I went for a cute pair of trousers, I’m going to show you in an outfit post later on.


Dinner At Nomad

If you want to escape the bustling energy of the Medina, Nomad is the right place to go to in the evening. We enjoyed a beautiful meal, set atop the spice souks with a fantastic view over the Medina. Watch the sun go down, listen to relaxing tunes, soak up the city vibes and enjoy a delicious dinner. It was by far the best meal we had in Marrakech. Nomad serves international dishes with an interesting Moroccan twist. It offers a huge variety for vegetarians. You definitely have to try the delicious homemade ice creams and sorbets. Exotic and super extraordinary.

Interior lovers need to visit Chabi Chic, a beautiful Moroccan interior shop, situated in the same building as the Nomad. You’ll find anything from cooking utensils, home decor or table wear. All items are handmade, inspired by Moroccan tradition with a young and modern twist. Best thing about it: you can also shop online.

Watch out Marrakech, I will surely be back soon!

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