my 3 Stylealbum Looks

A couple of weeks ago I met my friend Sue at her beautiful concept store Stylealbum in Düsseldorf. (remember this just female dress?) In 2007 Sue launched her online shop to create an online concept store where she shares her love for fashion and all things beautiful. Sue attaches great importance on always finding new brands, that represent their own unique style. She only sells what she personally likes and always tries to find a balanced price mix. To her, a product is not only determined by its price, but its quality and style.

In 2015 Sue opened her beautiful Concept Store in Düsseldorf. I love every corner of it.  The whole store was set up by herself with great love to detail.

Buy what you see is the motto.

You can get anything from clothes, shoes and accessories to beauty products,candles, interior pieces, pictures and small technological equipmentCheck out all the brands here.

My Stylealbum Outfits

I teamed up with Stylealbum to create 3 different kind of outfits for fall/ winter season, that represent Stylealbum, but also reflect my own personal style. We talked about fashion and our jobs in the industry, laughed a lot und managed to create a video where you get to now everything about the outfits I’m wearing.

HOPE Sweater and SLACK LONDON Boots

My first look is all about this beautiful HOPE sweater. I decided to wear it as a dress and went for a S instead of a XS. I love the oversized fit and the chunky and heavy knit. The big cosy turtleneck is perfect for the cold season and super comfortable and cool. I decided to wear it in grey, but you can also get it in black. I went for some black and white SLACK LONDON boots to complete my look. I love their dandy inspired style.

VIVETTA Collar meets STINE GOYA Pants

My second Stylealbum look is something completely new and special for me. Not only am I wearing colorful pants ( I normally only wear black or grey), I also added a super playful VIVETTA collar and a cute Ganni top to my look. I totally love those velvet high waisted Stine Goya pants. They are extremely soft and comfortable. They are narrow in the waist, but have a super wide leg.

Shades Of Red

Oh VIVETTA! What a wonderful brand. I totally love this red jumper with its beautiful flounces. I decided to go for a look in different shades of red and pink. The red Baum und Pferdgarten patent leather skirt is a great contrast to the pullover. The cute Stine Goya velvet boots add just the right touch to the whole look.


Thank you Stylealbum for a super funny day and a great video!

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