Dior Club 2

For years now, I have been collecting Designer sunglasses. I never have to think twice. Whenever I see sunglasses, I instantly know if I NEED them. Whereas a couple of years ago I tried to invest in classic and timeless pieces, I now find my self splashing out on the extraordinary ones


The Dior Club 2

I already spotted the Dior Club 2 on the Dior SS18 runway last year and immediately fell in love with them. They were presented in a yellow-tinted colour and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive in stores. Last week I finally made it into town to purchase them and I couldn’t be any happier. After trying them on in yellow,blue, all-black and pink, I decided to go for the pink lenses. I don’t own any other in pink yet and thought it would be a great colour for summer. Turns out I made the right decision and have found my new companion for the hot season.

I really love Dior eyewear and the way they always combine past inspirations with futuristic designs. The Dior Club 2 glasses are both, retro inspired and extremely fashion-forward. They have an rectangular acetate frame and a detachable black and white visor. The visor is engraved with the classic J’ADIOR signature and adds some extra vintage, retro vibes to your look.

I always like to balance out special things, that catch the eye with neutral basics. My new glasses are the main actor in today’s look. I decided to go for nothing more but grey denim and a white blouse to complete my outfit and keep things simple and clean. My metallic mules add that special bit of sparkle and femininity to my look.




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