Denim Wrap Jacket

I always like wearing blazers, as you can see in my previous posts here and here. I never felt like wearing a typical kimono, because I always thought it didn’t suit me very well and looked too feminine on me. Last week I found this super cool denim wrap jacket at H&M and immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately you can’t find it online yet, but it’s new in stores. The jacket combines the classic elements of a blazer with the feminine design of a kimono. It is the perfect mix of a functional and cool jacket and an elegant eye-catcher. The denim fabric creates structures and an effortless style.

The wrap jacket connects fashion with function and picks up elements of the modern utility trend. The huge breast pockets are not only super fashionable and casual, but practically and useful. The overlapping shoulders and the boxy fit underline the effortlessness of the jacket.

Minimalism and comfort fashion play a huge role in my everyday outfits. This jacket ties in perfectly with both trends. I decided to keep my outfit as simple as possible. I wanted to create a look around the jacket and focus on it as the main eye-catcher.

I went for a neutral shirt in white, black pants and black accessories. I love to wear my black SET cropped leather pants with the flared fit, because the always add an interesting and fashion-forward silhouette to any kind of outfit. My sock boots are from Zara. I got my sunglasses at Saint Laurent in New York and my bag ist The Gucci belt bag, I wore in a previous outfit. You can easily take the belt off and wear it as a clutch.

Can’t wait for spring and summer to wear this beauty with silk pants and sneakers.

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