Denim on Denim with Maje

Should or shouldn’t you wear denim on denim?

Double denim is a rather tricky thing. You can easily go wrong with it, but when done correctly, it looks absolutely amazing. I’m a huge supporter of the denim on denim look. Yet, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when pairing denim with denim.

The key to pulling off the look, is keeping it simple and finding the right balance.
I guess, you shouldn’t pick pieces that are all the same wash and you should never wear denim from head to toe. I like to pair it with neutral colours, high-quality materials, delicate jewelry and leather accessories.

I picked some darker denim jeans and a lighter denim jacket. The different shades of blue perfectly work together. The beautiful vintage inspired MAJE jacket has a cozy fur velours lining in a light beige. I decided to go for a wool jumper in the same colour to keep the look simple. I tucked the jumper inside my pants to shape my silhouette and show off this pair of perfect mom jeans. I chose black sock boots and a cute little OPENING CEREMONY bag to round off my look.

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