Black and White with Áeron

Anzeige/AD: Still dreaming about my beautiful days in Paris and still got tons of photos to share with you. So here we go with outfit number four. As much as I love wearing jeans, I do like wearing flowing pants every now and then. Although this look really isn’t a typical Lisa outfit, I really really love it.

Unfortunately temperatures weren’t above 5 degrees during my stay in Paris, which made it rather difficult to create a striking yet appropriate look. But I managed to find the perfect items to go with this Áeron two-piece set and I’m totally in love with it.


Áeron – with love from Hungary

The Hungarian label Áeron was founded in 2011 by designer Eszter Áron and is sold at Stylealbum in Düsseldorf. ( See my other Stylealbum looks here and here)The brand offers a nice range of elegant statement- pieces that are always timeless, yet contemporary. Eszter Áron uses very clean and sharp lines throughout her collections and always focuses on high quality with exquisite fabrics and craftsmanship. Furthermore everything is produced locally. All designs are super minimalistic yet extremely feminine and elegant.

two- piece set obsession

Sticking with my favorite colour palette, I decided to go for an outfit in black and white. I am wearing a super cute and boxy top and the matching wide legged pants. When it comes to styling wide pants I always go for heels instead of flats. Each time I wear flats, I get the feeling that I’m too small and that it doesn’t suit my body type very well. I’m totally obsessed with the minimalistic yet super feminine style of the Áeron two- piece. I really like the playful details on the shirt, the ruffles on the sleeves and the fancy buttons on the back. You can either wear it the way I did and close all buttons or you can open the first and last one to show some skin. Because of the freezing temperatures I decided to cover my body up. Further you can let the top slide down your shoulder to create a pretty off-shoulder look.

My look in details

I chose my favorite Off-White denim jacket to break up the look a little bit. I wanted to create a relaxed and effortless outfit and therefore went for an oversized jacket instead of a fitted one. The boxy blouse, the wide pants and the oversized jacket create a super clean and basic silhouette. The big Off-White print on the back of the jacket and my new Gucci cap add just the right amount of streetwear feeling to my outfit. Oh and hello logomania! Black heels and a cool plastic bag complete my look. What do you guys think? Do you like it?

AD: You can buy the top and pants at Stylealbum in Düsseldorf


Shirt: Áeron via Stylealbum ( unfortunately not sold online yet! )

Pants: Áeron via Stylealbum ( unfortunately not sold online yet! )

Plastic bag: Off-White ( you receive it when you purchase an Off-White bag )

Jacket: Off-White ( get it here )

Bag: Gucci ( get it here )

Cap: Gucci ( get it here )


All photos were taken by Christian Vierig

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