All you need is black and white

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I love to wear black and white. It’s effortless, always appropriate and extremely cool. While I have dressed very colorful lately, I’m keeping things rather simple in today’s blogpost. I have never really considered myself to be able to pull off a sweatshirt. I definitely prefer to wear blouses or t-shirts. Even more am I surprised, it turned out that well. What do you guys think? Should I go for casual sweaters more often?

I’m wearing a super comfortable and cozy Dior homme sweatshirt. I really like its boxy fit and the black and white print. I don’t know when it started but I’m really into all kind of paper bag waist pants lately. They instantly upgrade any kind of outfit, look sophisticated and super fashionable. While a lot of people consider paper bag pants to be unflattering, I really like the fit and the fact that you tie them together to create a scrunchy waist.

How to wear paper bag waist pants?

First of all you have to find the right style and length that works best for your body type. I decided to go for a pair of Zara pants in a regular length. I like showing my ankles and always believe that a rolled up trouser leg adds an extra bit of coolness to your look. Paper bag pants can be extremely flattering when they are worn correctly. I always try to balance the loose pants with a tighter top or a top that I can easily tuck into the pants to show off the defined waist. You shouldn’t overthink your look too much. Paper bag pants are already a great statement and don’t need much more to look fashionable. The key to pulling these beauties off, is always balance. I paired my paper bag pants with some delicate heels. They add the missing bit of femininity to my outfit.

Sweatshirt: Dior homme ( get a similar one here )

Pants: Zara ( get them here )

Clutch: Aigner ( get it here )

Heels: Aeyde ( get them here )

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