All Grey Layers

Some might say that all grey outfits are typically worn by people wo have no fashion sense or by someone who is miserable. I totally disagree on that note!
Sometimes less is more and even grey can be a happy colour.
Monochromatic outfits always look super fashionable and the different shades of grey perfectly allow for layering.

Remember this SET jacket from one of my previous posts. I love it. It’s so versatile, you can wear it to almost any occasion and style it the way you like.

Layering looks always seem completely effortless yet very fashionable. I love layering pullovers with long sleeves underneath a jacket. Maxi sleeves that cover up half of your hand always look super stylish and add that extra little bit of coolness to your simple everyday look.

Each layer speaks for itself, but together they create a whole new look. I always try to layer different lengths. Playing with longer and shorter pieces, adds visual interest and reduces bulkiness. Different shades and materials add texture and dimension.

Grey definitely is one of my happy colours !



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